#27: JB, Navio, JobieOne & Enygma


A little under two years ago when we pitched the Saturday Night Mix Show (SNMS) to Radiocity, we told them we wanted to create a different kind of Saturday night radio show. Most stations, not just here in Uganda but all over the world feature a DJ mixing club music on Saturday nights and it works. It works because to the average 18-35 year-old (the demographic that advertisers target most aggressively) Saturday nights are for letting your hair down and partying.  Saturdays are not for in-depth discussions about the South African battle rap scene (for example), but that’s what we pitched to radiocity.

We pitched a show that would, as well as playing club music, incorporate things like aritst interviews, games, discussions on cultural events, etc. We pitched what we called a variety mix show, and in order to execute our vision we had to break a lot of the rules that most experts associate with “good radio”- like the rule of talking too much. We talk a lot on SNMS and we get away with it because in radio (and we’re delving into the business of radio a little here), Saturday nights are not the prime-time real estate that daily breakfast and afternoon drive shows are.

We asked for and were granted a comparatively long-leash with SNMS, and that results in  and it also means discussions like the one you are about to listen to. This week’s episode of MIster Deejay Presents features a recording of a roundtable discussion I had with JB, Navio, enygma and JobieOne (who is South african rapper Proverb’s manager). JobieOne was an SNMS guest that week, and the rest just popped in to have a chat and we ended up talking for ages about music, rap, hip-hop and everything in-between.

This is by no means an example of quote-unquote good radio, but it is an exmaple of the kind of show SNMS is, and I believe it’s the reason why we’ve has grown so quickly. If you ever have some free time on a Saturday nights, tune in to us on radioity 97fm or oniline at radiocity.ug and check us out, we’ love to have you on board.

Otherwise enjoy the podcast! And forgive my gravely voice. I was battling the flu when we recorded.


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