#29: Bebe Cool Power Hour


We devote the first SNMS of every month to Ugandan music. It’s my opinion that local music does not play as much as it should on radio here in Uganda, especially on English-speaking radio stations, and we on SNMS consider it our mission to promote Ugandan music as much as possible.  So (and this was actually suggested to us by Enygma) on the first Saturday of every month, we only play music by local Ugandan artists on SNMS, and that includes our Power Hour segment.

The concept for this segment is simple: I highlight a particular artists catalog by doing a live mix of their music for, you guessed it, an hour. This past weekend we featured Bebe Cool in the power hour and that’s what I am bringing you on today’s podcast. Bebe Cool has been a staple of the Ugandan music scene since the late 90s. He started his career in Nairobi, but has since established himself as one of the big cats of our local music scene.

I should warn you that this is an unedited recording from the show and I sometimes get a little carried away on the microphone as you’ll hear in a bit.  (Cover your ears and forgive me)

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