#30: Qwela on SNMS


A few weeks ago we invited Qwela on to SNMS to talk about their new album Afrotopia.  Joe, Alice, FEsto, Roy, Anita, MoRoots, Vincent and Ian were generous enough to bring their instruments along with them to Radiocity and treat our listeners to a little on-air mini-concert. For those that don’t know, Qwela is a very popular and very accomplished afro-jazz band based here in Uganda.  After we got past the technical difficulites of setting up an entire band in the cramped Radiocity studios, we had a little fun.

Afrotopia is available in numerous outlets around town including BOLD in Krsna mart, Kisementi. If you don’t live in Uganda but like what you hear please in touch with Qwela band thru their facebook page at facebook.com/qwelamusic, or via Twitter: @qwelamusic

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