#32: Featuring JT & Ruyonga


I have two interviews for you this week- the first is with JT and the second is with Ruyonga. It feels natural that these two should be on the same podcast because not only are they are long term music collaborators, they are also very good friends.

JT is a producer/rapper rapper who runs Yego Productions a local imprint that among other things is responsible for a most of Ruyonga’s output over the past couple of years, including his latest single “Tutuuse” for which there is a video being released soon.

Ruyonga is a local rapper for whom faith and art are inseparable and who I believe is poised to make a serious impact on the continental stage.

JT came my SNMS to talk about his projects for 2013 and to play us his new song which is about his recent decision to give up alcohol. Ruyonga was in with a new track that (produced by JT) called “Yeah we back”, and we ended up talking about all kinds of non-music stuff.

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