#36: Game night with BFE


I was recently told by a radio consultant that my radio show, SNMS, breaks almost every rule of conventional radio. Some of his criticisms were general- that we don’t have a clear structure, that the week-to-week format is all over the place, etc. But most of his criticisms (paranoia-alert!) seemed to be directed at me- that I talk too much, that I talk in the middle of songs, that I can be a little shout-y (I concede that one), that I’m sometimes rude to callers (but it’s SO funny!), that my enunciation needed work etc etc. By the time he was done with me, I felt about 1 foot tall.

When I thought about it a little later, I realised that although his points were valid, he was describing the sort of boring, cookie-cutter radio show that I absolutely hate and that we did not want SNMS to become.

Every production meeting we have for the show starts with the same question: how can we make our next show better than our last, and that philosophy has served us quite well for the 2 years we’ve been on air. It’s what makes us try things like the BFE game night that you are about to hear.

If you are a radio consultant, you should switch this off now because what you are about to hear may hurt your sensibilites. For the rest of you, enjoy the craziness! And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes!


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