#50: Chilling with Bobi Wine


On the podcast this week we have an interview with Bobi wine, who in my opinion, alongside Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone, is one of the biggest names in Ugandan music.

Bobi has been on the scene for awhile now, making his debut in the early 2000s and he has also been instrumental in shaping a certain section of Ugandan music with his Firebase and ghetto republic of Uganda crews.

His self-styled title as the Ghetto president of Uganda should tell you a lot about the kind of music Bobi makes and the audience he speaks to and for. He is very much a grass roots musician who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, so when he gets to make trips to Jamaica and do collaborations with the likes of Mr G as he did recently, it is a big deal.

THere are two songs Bobi was introducing on $SNMS when he visited, ‘Clean and out’ and ‘Girls’, both of which feature Mr G.

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