NYE: Where to go, what to do

New Years Eve is usually the most hyped and most disappointing night of the year. Every one goes out on New Years eve, but not everyone has a good night. This is one night of the year when winging it just doesn’t cut it. You have to have a plan.  The last thing you want is to find yourself a night stuck in-between parties when the clock strikes midnight.
For those who haven’t made plans yet, I’ve got three killer options for you:

  • New Year’s Rewind Party at Mask Lounge, C&C building Bukoto. Why you should go: f you are a fan of old school music (and who isn’t?) DJ Aludah & BthaMyth will be serving up the goods tonight at the Mask Lounge. Ladies free before 9pm. Entrance is 20k.


  • Legends End of year Carnival. Why you should go: cause that’s where I’ll be! :)  I’ll be behind the decks from 11pm to 2 at Legends tonight, so come along and let’s welcome 2013 together! Entrance is 10k.


  • Heineken NYE party at the Seventeen Apartment Hotel in Kololo. Why you should go: cause Heineken knows how to put on a party. Unfortunately this one is invite only, so if you know someone, start making calls.

Basic CMYK

Of course there are other New Years Eve parties going on. Whatever you do tonight, BE SAFE!!!

Happy New Year!!

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