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#50: Chilling with Bobi Wine


On the podcast this week we have an interview with Bobi wine, who in my opinion, alongside Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone, is one of the biggest names in Ugandan music.

Bobi has been on the scene for awhile now, making his debut in the early 2000s and he has also been instrumental in shaping a certain section of Ugandan music with his Firebase and ghetto republic of Uganda crews.

His self-styled title as the Ghetto president of Uganda should tell you a lot about the kind of music Bobi makes and the audience he speaks to and for. He is very much a grass roots musician who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, so when he gets to make trips to Jamaica and do collaborations with the likes of Mr G as he did recently, it is a big deal.

THere are two songs Bobi was introducing on $SNMS when he visited, ‘Clean and out’ and ‘Girls’, both of which feature Mr G.

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#41: Airportaxi 808 & Heartbreaks


Airportaxi are a young hip-hop/R&B group that was created from a talent contest held by Talent Africa. Martha, Llyboc and Tucker HD are in many ways still finding their musical identity but some of the songs they have released so far have been quite impressive. They are of course backed by Talent Africa so the production is always on point and their song-writing skills are improving with every release.

Their latest track is called “808 and Heartbreaks” and the group stopped by SNMS during their radio tour for the track. Follow Airportaxi on Twitter (@airportaxi) and on facebook.

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How theMith cheated at Foosball (and how I got my revenge)

Heineken are running a “FoosBall Challenge” at various bars in the city at the moment and I’ve caught the bug (mainly because I badly want to win that trip to Amsterdam).

My thinking was that this foosball thing cannot be that hard.  I’d learn how to play in week one, become a foosball ninja in week two, beat any and all comers in week three, and off to Amsterdam I go!  I went to Legends last Wednesday full of confidence and challenged one of the Heineken reps to a game to gauge my skill level and see how much work I had to do.  Bad idea. Not only did he beat me quite comprehensively, but once he saw I was more Foosball Wannabe than Foosball Ninja, he picked up a drink and played one-handed.

Tres embarrassing.

My game needed work, so I moved on to Plan B, in which I channel Rocky Balboa and train, train, train until I reach the top! All I needed was a pasty who I could beat a few times to get my confidence up.

Enter theMith.

I’ll jump right to the end and tell you that he beat me twice and both times he came from behind- I was up 7-0 in one game- BUT HE CHEATED!!!

I don’t have conclusive proof (yet) but there are some “coincidences” that give me pause:

  1. He said he’d never played foosball before. (Liar!!!)
  2. He was very cosy with the supposedly impartial Heineken referee. (You can see from this picture, which was taken at Heineken’s launch event, that they had met before). Did I see money being exchanged after our game? No I did not, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…
  3. He was very particular about the table we played on. Did he perhaps have it rigged? Did he know the table enough to give him an unfair advantage. My Spidey Senses say yes.

In the end I had to swallow a ton of pride and get theMith’s round of drinks. But I got my revenge.  TheMith broke a cardinal Foosball rule (that I just made up): never leave Mister Deejay alone with your phone after you have beaten him cheated at foosball.

He got distracted while I was listening to his new single, “Winner”, and I bluetoothed the song to my phone.  The game is always on! Mwahahaahaha! If you want a copy of the song, tweet me @misterdeejayug or email me at and I’ll send it to you.

That’ll teach him 😀

The challenge continues at these spots around town, and you best believe I will be at each of these. I am currently in the middle of some serious Karate-kid type training in an effort to take my game to the next level. If theMith is man enough, he’ll show up and there will be a replay.



Navio – Kata remix ft Benny D



The official remix of Navio’s “Kata” featuring Benny D.

Listen here:

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Download (right click and save as)


NYE: Where to go, what to do

New Years Eve is usually the most hyped and most disappointing night of the year. Every one goes out on New Years eve, but not everyone has a good night. This is one night of the year when winging it just doesn’t cut it. You have to have a plan.  The last thing you want is to find yourself a night stuck in-between parties when the clock strikes midnight.
For those who haven’t made plans yet, I’ve got three killer options for you:

  • New Year’s Rewind Party at Mask Lounge, C&C building Bukoto. Why you should go: f you are a fan of old school music (and who isn’t?) DJ Aludah & BthaMyth will be serving up the goods tonight at the Mask Lounge. Ladies free before 9pm. Entrance is 20k.


  • Legends End of year Carnival. Why you should go: cause that’s where I’ll be! :)  I’ll be behind the decks from 11pm to 2 at Legends tonight, so come along and let’s welcome 2013 together! Entrance is 10k.


  • Heineken NYE party at the Seventeen Apartment Hotel in Kololo. Why you should go: cause Heineken knows how to put on a party. Unfortunately this one is invite only, so if you know someone, start making calls.

Basic CMYK

Of course there are other New Years Eve parties going on. Whatever you do tonight, BE SAFE!!!

Happy New Year!!

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