When Konshens came to Kla


There are a handful of people that were instrumental in bringing Konshens to Uganda, one of whom is my colleague at Radiocity, Dave Dash. He began working on the idea months ago but found sponsors reluctant to jump on board.

There are three types of companies that are willing sponsor concerts by international artists in Uganda: soft-drink manufacturers, alcohol companies and telecoms.  There are other companies  with enough money (Samona, Mukwano etc) but they don’t actively seek greater brand visibility among the youth the way telecoms, soft-drink, beverage companies do.  These companies want to be being associated with “cool” events.  When it works, it works a charm. (The Nile Gold Jazz Safari, which this year was on the same night as the Konshens concert, comes to mind).  The problem is it doesn’t work all the time, and there is nothing worse than having your brand be associated with a flopped concert.


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